Shashi Tharoor Realizes The Lack Of Disabled-Friendly Infrastructure After He Sprains Ankle

It’s a very sad fact to accept but our country isn’t well-equipped to deal with people with disabilities. How many disabled-friendly washrooms do we find in public places? Or how many places have elevated ramps instead of stairs for wheelchair-bound people? Not many. Besides infrastructure, even many people’s behavior towards those with disabilities is despicable. In the past, there have been cases where wheelchair-bound people have not been allowed to sit inside movie theatres and restaurants.

Politician Shashi Tharoor realized the lack of proper public infrastructure for people with disabilities after he himself became ‘temporarily disabled’ after badly spraining his left foot which left him wheelchair-bound.

Image source: Twitter

Recently, after missing a step inside the Parliament building, he sprained his left foot and had to be hospitalised due to acute pain. He is now “immobilized” with a cast.

However, on his recent visit to the Parliament, Shashi Tharoor found that there was only one entrance which had a ramp, at door 9, which also was a 4-minute walk away.

“This temporary disability has taught me how poorly equipped we are to support people with disabilities,” he tweeted.

Several people online, who suffer from disabilities or have a family member/friend who is disabled, agreed with him and pointed out the many other areas that are unfriendly to them. The accessibility to disabled-friendly entrances to malls, airports, stations, etc. is also scarce and the government should duly take note.

In the picture shared by Tharoor, we see 3 people assisting him. But a regular person with a disability might not have any assistance. Keeping such things and much more in mind, the government should truly come up with ways to make public spaces disability-friendly.

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