Chetan Bhagat Asks Shashi Tharoor To Praise Him Using ‘Big Words’ & Tharoor Complies!


Have you ever wondered how a conversation between politician Shashi Tharoor & author Chetan Bhagat would sound? Well, for the uninitiated, Mr. Tharoor is well-known for his exemplary vocabulary, while Mr. Bhagat is known for his simplistic style of writing. So, needless to say, a dialogue shared between the two will be quite fascinating.

Recently, Tharoor took to social media to praise an article written by the ‘3 Mistakes of my life’ author, reports Times Now. Calling it a ‘superb piece’, he praised the writer’s simplicity and directness of his writing.

Elated to have received accolades from Tharoor, the author not only thanked him but also requested the Thiruvananthapuram MP to use some of his ‘big words’ to praise him. 

The politician happily obliged and took out the big guns especially for Bhagat.

However, his savage response left several people in splits. From guessing what his reply really meant to adding their own sets of praises for the author, have a look at what people had to say about this entertaining Twitter exchange:

Just in case you are wondering, ‘Sesquipedalian’ means something that is characterized by long words, ‘Rodomontade’ means boastful, ‘Convolutions’ is complex, ‘Ostentation’ means being pretentious, ‘Limpid’ means clear and ‘Perspicacity’ is to be shrewd. Well, what do you think about this lil chat? Tell us!

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