Shashi Tharoor & Anupam Kher Engage In War Of Words On Twitter

Both Shashi Tharoor and Anupam Kher are extremely active on social media and are very blunt regarding their political views. Though it isn’t surprising for Tharoor to do so since he is an MP himself, Anupam Kher’s tweets do come as a surprise sometimes! Recently, the two of them engaged in a Twitter war and it was all shades entertaining.

According to a report by News18, Shashi Tharoor retweeted a tweet on ‘patriotism’ by Anupam Kher which was posted way back in 2012. Tharoor uses it to reassert that patriotism doesn’t mean blind support of the government and added a quote by Mark Twain.

Anupam Kher was quick to respond to the tweet. He said that digging out a tweet from 2012 is nothing but a sign of joblessness and the work of someone with a weak mind.

Shashi Tharoor hit back again!

“What would you say about a government that only quotes 1962, 1975 & 1984? This is also a sign of joblessness and one that of a weak mind. My tweet is for those people who are showing incompetence at the Indian border,” he said.

This isn’t the first time the duo have engaged in a Twitter war. Way back in 2016, the two had a word-fight as well!

Do you think both their tweets on patriotism make a point? Tell us!

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