“It’s A Crime To Be An Old Man Here”: Veteran Actor Sharat Saxena On Ageism In Bollywood

Veteran actor Sharat Saxena has been a constant in Bollywood for decades with films like Mr. India, Kala Patthar, Race 3, and Singham Returns under his belt. But he recently opened up about the bitter truth of the shelf life of male actors and ageism in the industry.

As per a report in The Indian Express, he called the profession of an actor a tough job as you have to work at it throughout the year.

He stated, “Jahaan aap budhe lagne lage, you are thrown out of the film industry. An actor, and I am talking about the heroes/the leads, they have got the toughest job in the world. They have to look young, they have to look tough and they have to do that for 365 days a year, which is not possible. It is not normal. In fact, in every other profession, you get a break. For example, an athlete has to prepare for, let’s say, two months. He takes part in a competition, comes back home, rests and gains weight. But a Hindi film star has to look and be fit throughout the year. He has to work out every day, and yet party every day. He has to do everything every day and still survive.”

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“I do the same thing. I don’t party but I am working out every day. I am 71 but I have to try and look 45 years old. This is how it is. The moment you start looking old, you are thrown out of the film industry. This is a young people’s industry. Everybody has to be young. You are old or not, doesn’t matter. You have to look young. It is a crime to be an old man here,” he concluded.

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