“Luck Plays An Important Role” Sharad Kelkar Speaks Of Showbiz & His First Big Paycheck

Doesn’t pehli tankhwa hold a special place in your heart? Be it the chillar dad gave you for cleaning his car or the stipend from your internship, your first salary no matter how less, it’s always memorable. In fact, recently a number of celebrities also tweeted about their first source of income as it became a trend online.

Speaking of which, actor Sharad Kelkar recently walked down memory lane as he spoke about his first paycheque in showbiz. The ‘Laxmii’ actor, who has delivered back to back hits, feels that fortune has been on his side lately.


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He was quoted saying,

“I think luck is in my favour right now. Many people won’t admit it, but luck plays an important role in the actors’ lives. I am glad that the industry has accepted me and now giving me chances to prove myself.” 

The actor, who made his debut with the Doordarshan show ‘Aakrosh’, admits it was his “non-greedy” attitude that helped him get good roles.

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“To be honest, I have never kept myself restricted to any specific category. I was not greedy to do only hero-centric roles. TV mein hero kiya ye zaruri thodi na tha ki film mein bhi hero ka role hi play karna hai (I had played the role of the hero on TV shows but that does not mean I had to play the hero in films as well).”

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Interestingly, Sharad used to be a gym instructor before he got into acting. He had even tried his hand at modeling. Sharing details about his first-ever paycheque in showbiz, he said,

“When I came to Bombay, I got the offer to walk the ramp, and for that, I had received Rs 5,000. Speaking of my first paycheque for a shoot, it was of Rs 15,000 for a promo shoot for one of the top TV channels.” 

Well, it takes a lot of hard work to earn money and the first salary is always special. When did you receive your first pay? Tell us!

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