People Accuse ‘Shamshera’ Makers Of Using Vaani Kapoor As A ‘Prop’ In The Movie

If you’ve watched the Hindi-language period action film ‘Shamshera’ in which Ranbir Kapoor can be seen in a dual role, you would realize that Vaani Kapoor has been used as a sex symbol and a prop in the film.

No, this is not how we feel about it. People who have watched the movie have opined on the same lines.

While some think Sanjay Dutt went a little too overboard with his acting, others thought it was pathetic of the filmmakers who used Vaani to sexualize the movie.

Seems like Vaani saw this coming. Hence, in an earlier interview, she cleared the air first-hand and said there’s more to her character.

“I have tremendous respect for Karan. I loved his movie Agneepath. I understand his sensibilities and aesthetics and I admire those. When he offered me the film, I saw the kind of arc he had for my character. She is not just there to be used as a prop in the film. It’s very little disclosed in the trailer but once the film comes out, the audience will see a very different look and dimension to this character.”

The movie was theatrically released earlier this month and opened to poor reviews from critics which earned it the title of a flop movie.

Using female actors as eye candy and increasing the ‘oomph’ factor is nothing new in Hindi films. In fact, most films give little to no scope for female characters to flourish, and rarely any narrative is spared to build their character. We have seen the same happening in male hero-led films like ‘Dabangg‘, ‘Dhoom: 3’, ‘Kabir Singh’, etc.

However, it’s 2022 and we hoped that things would have changed by now as there has been enough debate about giving justice to female characters. But, I guess we were wrong. Women characters should be given more scope than just to titillate the audience. The more they are pushed to the sidelines with barely any story to tell, the more will reel life affect real life.

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