“I Didn’t Have Enough.” Shamita Shetty Opens Up About Her Career Choices In Candid Interview.


You have seen her as the bold and beautiful Ishika Dhanrajgir in the 2000 hit film, ‘Mohabbatein’. She even went on to win the IIFA star debut of the year, for the same but Shamita Shetty, even with the kind of debut she had, couldn’t become a household name like sister and actress, Shilpa Shetty.

No, it’s not fair to draw comparisons but it is imperative to understand that being the sister of a movie star prepares you for the twisted ways that showbiz is (in)famous for. Call it trade tactics or fate, it wasn’t all hit and home for Shamita.

Now, looking back at all the years spent, Shamita feels she did not get as many opportunities as one needs, to prove themselves. She told Hindustan Times

“If I was continuously and completely doing films, exploring the medium and had the opportunity to do different characters, I probably would have known a little more about my strength, weakness, what I love doing, my forte — you learn this with experience.”

“I didn’t have enough of that.”

In fact, the actress, who also found her calling in interior designing, has no qualms in accepting that she never reached the stars.  

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“It wasn’t just about doing films to be cool or to have people remember you for one film. I wanted to be proud of whatever work I did.”

She also confessed that she has been a part of movies, she isn’t very proud of. But having said that, she maintains that there is no place for regrets in her life. 

“I don’t want to think of them as mistakes I’ve made. I’ve learned something from each experience. Sometimes, I shot for four films but none of them released because of various reasons. So, I started becoming conscious about the kind of films I do. I realised that a film has to have the right backing and then I started saying no to a lot of work that came my way and people started thinking that I was not interested.  


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“So, eventually offers reduced and I moved onto the next thing, which is interior designing.”

Couldn’t have said it any better. And like they say, it’s never too late. Go show em, girl! 😉

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