Shama Sikander Has A Befitting Reply For People Who Called Her B**bs ‘Melons’ And ‘Juicy’

It’s a whole world out there, just a mere click away. And, social networking is a humongous part of our worlds online. And, part of that world are people who are branded as Trolls, because of their sheer nature of mocking people, trying to bring others down.

Trolling, sadly, has become that inherent part of the web that we can’t shake off. And, bearing the brunt of it on a regular basis are our celebrities. They upload one picture and amid the nice ones, you are bound to find some really nasty ones.

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For female celebrities, it’s even worse, because their walls at smeared with slut-shaming, body-shaming, abuse-filled comments.

Something similar happened to Shama Sikander.

A sass a day keeps the basics away #ManlyBeach #Sydney #TravelDiaries

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The Yeh Meri Life Hai star had put up her holiday pictures and the trolls changed their setting to attack mode and body-shamed her.

Some had very nasty comments on her Sydney vacay pictures.

It didn’t stop there. From calling her b**bs “juicy” to more lewd remarks, the comments sections were full of filth.

But, Shama shut the trolls up with a befitting reply. Not only did she put up another picture in bikini but also wrote,

A woman has BOOBS…that’s what makes her different than men and I’m grateful that I’m a woman and a blessed one indeed.
Yes “I HAVE BOOBS” and nice ones indeed.. they are “juicy” and also are “melons “ or whatever else you prefer calling them.
I think it’s time for all those TROLLS who like to give my body parts names like these to get over it and move on in life.
They’re mine and I love them… #BodyShaming #NotTolerated#RespectWomen #LoveForBikini


People are lauding Shama’s reply.

But, there were some who trolled her for the reply also.

Will the Internet ever learn?