“Bollywood One Of The Finest Industries”: Shakti Kapoor Reveals Actors Support Each Other

In the past year, there have been several allegations made against the Hindi Film Industry. Drug abuse, nepotism, casting couch experiences, insider-outsider rift – these are just a few of the many negative aspects of Bollywood that have been grabbing headlines.

Amidst Aryan Khan’s NCB custody, actor Shaki Kapoor recently expressed how deeply saddened he is for all the flak that the industry is facing. Having spent almost 5 decades working in Bollywood, he said that it is one of the finest film industries there is.


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Hindustan Times quoted him saying:

“I have seen this film industry for many years and I can say that this is the finest film industry. Log bahut negative bolte hai film industry ke baare mein. There are people always standing up for you. Yeh cheez baahar nahi aati, bas negative cheese baahar aati hai. But it is not like that. It is sad that only negative aspects of the film industry get highlighted.”

He went on to add how he himself was an outsider and it was because of supportive people around that he could become an established actor.

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“I always had good people around me. I did not have any dada, chacha, mama to help me in Bollywood. Early in my career I found Feroz Khan and became his favourite. Then, Sunil Dutt, trusted my capabilities and gave me work. Not only that, he also gave me the name Shakti. My birth name is Sunil.”


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A post shared by Shakti Kapoor (@shaktikapoor)

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