Shahid Kapoor Jokes He Does Dark Roles To Vent Out The Frustration Of His Married Life

Be it a casual family gathering, a get-together of married couples, or married men going out with their friends, there has to be someone who often talks lowly of his wife, deems her as a person who sucks the happiness out of his life, makes his life miserable at home and controls him like a lifeless puppet.

A lot of women reading this would be like, ‘Reality me ye hota toh theek he hota.’ But, we all know how exaggerated, annoying, and sexist it gets after a point.

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But, this coming from a successful actor like Shahid Kapoor is something no one was ready for. From what people see online, the relationship between Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Rajput comes across as a fun, healthy, and lovey-dovey one. Obviously, they would have their highs and lows too.

But Twitter thinks that him saying that he vents out the frustration of his married life, on sets and not at home, by doing dark roles makes him sound like a complaining desi uncle.


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The debate around this took off when a Twitter user shared a screengrab of an article that quoted Shahid’s comment.

In that article by Hindustan Times, Shahid shared why he has moved to doing dark and gritty roles like ‘Kabir Singh’ and now ‘Bloody Daddy’ as compared to his public image of a rom-com, chocolate boy.

Sharing his reason, the actor said:

“I have been married for eight years. I cannot take out frustration at home, so I go on the sets and take it out. ‘Farzi’ was a warm-up and now this (Bloody Daddy).”


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After his casual comment made it to Twitter, people called it problematic and him a ‘boomer uncle’.

This reminds me of the time when Ranbir Kapoor said that Alia Bhatt is a stressful parent and that he tolerates her habits. What are your opinions?

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