Shahid’s Mother Neelima Azeem Reveals Why Shahid And Mira Kapoor Named Their Son ‘Zain’


Speaking of celeb couples, Shahid and Mira Kapoor are as picture perfect as it gets. The two have been setting some major couple goals ever since they got married. And with the arrival of their cutie patootie daughter Misha, they raised the bar on #familygoals as well. However, their family had space for one more member and so came along Zain Kapoor.

Shahid announced the arrival of their son on Twitter, thanking all those who’d sent in wishes and blessings.

Soon we spotted pictures of the tiny tot in the arms of his mother Mira, as they left the hospital with Shahid and Misha.

He’s so smol!!!

Name a cuter family. Go on, I’ll wait.

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Shahid’s mom Neelima Azeem was beyond herself with joy at the new addition to their family.

India Today quotes the actress as such:

“It’s wonderful. Shahid and Mira are complete. I am in the best phase of my life. Misha has been the love of my life ever since she was born. And now, Zain joins her. He is a beautiful child. We all have toiled very hard in our lives and now just reaping happiness. God has been kind.”

She also reveals that she had a very strong feeling Shahid and Mira would be blessed with a son this time. She adds that she had told them about a dream she had where she saw a boy in their arms.

As for choosing a name for her grandson, Neelima reveals that it had been decided at the time of Misha’s birth itself. She explains:

“Mira and Shahid decided it mutually. At the time of Misha’s birth, Zain was decided. It was that it will be Misha if it is a girl and if it is a boy, it will be Zain. Long back I had shared the name with Them. I had told Shahid that I love 4 names- Shahid, Ishaan, Zain and Kaamraan.”

Isn’t Zain a pretty name? And given that the name is said to mean grace and beauty, it seems to be an apt pick with this family. Can’t wait to see what this little munchkin has in store for us!

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