Quiz: Can You Guess The Movies In Which Shahid Kapoor Rocked These Looks?

Shahid Kapoor is best known for his charming looks and super-hit performances. Starting off as a background dancer for Hindi films, he has now carved his journey as a successful Bollywood star. But how many of you can guess the names of his movies solely based on his film’s looks? Let’s find out!

1. This character gets overpowered by the state's politics.

2. Remember this masterpiece?

3. He plays a wedding planner in this one.

4. Look closely at the background to identify the love triangle!

5. Guess this rom-com!

6. Fire before a wedding, does it ring a bell?

7. This character dreams of becoming a film star.

8. An aimless young man who works for a drug baron.

9. Remember Tommy Singh?

10. Finally, guess this satirical comedy.

Image Source: YouTube


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