‘Man’s A Mess, Wife Fixes Him’: Shahid Kapoor Gets Schooled For His Definition Of Marriage

In our society, we see so many families who think that the only thing that can make a messed-up, undisciplined and problematic man better is a wife. So they force men to get married and hope that the wives help them walk on a better path and get their lives together. The idea that only a woman can ‘fix’ a man has existed for a very long time. But you would think that such ideas have no place in the mind of a seemingly progressive person.

However, Shahid Kapoor proved us wrong when he revealed his definition of marriage. According to him, marriage is when a man is messed up and the wife comes around and fixes him for the better.


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“It’s that the guy was a mess and the woman came in to fix him. So the rest of this life is going to be a journey of being fixed and becoming a decent person,” he said, while talking about his views on marriage.

Shahid Kapoor was 34 and Mira Rajput was 20 when they got married. People online found it very difficult to understand why a 34-year-old grown man would need a 20-year-old young woman to ‘fix’ him. They schooled him for his backward idea of marriage and expressed their disappointment in him.

Here’s how some of them reacted:

Women are not rehabilitation centres for grown up, messed up men.

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