SRK Kisses Dilip Sahab Good Health And The Internet Is Having An Emotional Meltdown!


Legendary actor Dilip Kumar needs no introduction. Be it the roles that he has immortalised with his performances or his reverence that has earned him the title of Sahab, the veteran has been there and seen it all. In fact, it is same reason(s) why the entire country held breath when he was hospitalised a few days ago. Fortunately, Dilip Sahab is back home and recovering now.

While his return is making fans happy, there is something that is making us even happier. Shah Rukh Khan, Dilip Kumar’s ‘mooh-bola beta‘, recently visited him at his home and the pictures are too precious for words. 

Message from Saira Banu:

“Sahab’s mooh-bola beta-“son” @iamsrk visited Sahab today.

Sahab’s doing much better since return from the hospital. Shukar Allah.”


And needless to say, the Internet had a lot to say (while trying hard not to cry).

1. I second that!


2. Prayers…


3. SAME.


4. You are, Shah! You are.


5. That makes two of us!


6. Kisiki nazar na lagey…


7. Couldn’t agree more!


8. #Feels


9. And I thought I was the only one!


10. Koi shaq?

Well, I don’t know about you but it certainly fills our heart to see the lovely gesture that only Shah Rukh could have done. This just goes to multiply our love for him and everything that he is about.

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