12 Tweets From Shah Rukh’s #AskSRK That Are So Good That ‘Witty’ Should Be His Middle Name!

With the wit that can impress anyone, Shah Rukh Khan is not just the ruler of our hearts but the uncrowned king of Twitter too. His tweets and his sweet Twitter banters have either made us hysterically laugh at them or made us feel immense love.

And especially his #AskSRK sessions are just the best part about being on Twitter! Well, I was having a super-gloomy day today and look who came to the rescue.

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SRK just finished hosting a damn hot, hilarious and highly seasoned #AskSRK session and my day is totally made. Have a look –

1. Kids do what they gotta do…


2. Shah Rukh on Virat Kohli


3. Be careful what you wish for…


4. This is why he is called the ‘King of Wit’, you see…


5. No one could have said it better.


6. He is also a ‘Shape of You’ fan!


7. We already know the answer to that!


8. Hail the ‘King of Wit’!


9. And that’s how you deal with PJs!


10. I’m still trippin’ on it!


11. So, you get what you ask for…


12. Learn the subtle art of dodging with humour from SRK

Are you wondering how can someone be so ridiculously perfect? Well, me too.

Someone please crown the King now!

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