Shabana Azmi Tweets A Brain Teaser And Has Got Other Celebs Racking Their Brains

Brain teasers are literally what the name suggests – TEASERS. It’s fun and games at first when you just start working on it, but when you can’t seem to find the right answer, you’d want to pull your hair (or someone else’s) out because it is so frustrating.

And if the teaser has math involved in it, that’s it. I give up at the first sight of calculation signs.

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Veteran Bollywood actress, Shabana Azmi recently tweeted an interesting (and kinda difficult) brain teaser on her handle and other celebrities are busy racking their brains over it.

Here’s what she tweeted.

I’ve always been bad at math, so I don’t even want to try solving it. Why prove to myself how silly I am, right?

But Twitter users are not like me. Other actresses and the Twitterati have been at work solving the riddle and it’s fun watching them try.

1. Here’s our real-life princess enjoying some brain food.

2. Dia Mirza is adorably confused and I totally relate to her.

3. There there, let’s not get there, okay?

4. Here’s a little hint for everyone else who’s trying.

5. Aye! That’s one math rule I know. 😛

6. Neither of it.

7. Yes, please! Tell me also!

8. Why, thank you, good sir.

One trick I can share with you to crack these brain teasers is to leave it be. Don’t think about it for a while. The answer will come to you.

The trick of the trade is that your brain is wired to solve puzzles. So when you come across one and it seems difficult to solve, your brain will still work on it subconsciously even if you don’t give it a thought.

Try it out once, you can thank me later. And go get some brain food now!

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