A Bar Is Looking For Staff With ‘DD Breast’ Size & ‘Good Smile’, No Qualifications Needed!

POV: Someone is AGAIN belittling women to mere eye candies, to objects that attract eyeballs, and treating them like they are nothing more than good bodies and great smiles.

At a time when women are reaching the moon and proving their mettle be it in business or sports, here’s this bar, the owner of which is not ready to consider women as intelligent beings who can bring more to the table other than just being pretty and pleasing people.

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So, this bar in New Zealand put an advertisement looking for part-time staff. They also listed the things that a person must mandatorily have in order to apply for the job.

One would think that a person’s qualifications or expertise and experience in the profession would help them jump the queue. But that’s not the job criteria here. All this bar wants is for the employee to have ‘Double D Breasts’, ‘A Great Smile’, and ‘A Good Attitude’. They also acted cool and wrote, “But men can also apply.”

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Seems like, with this advertisement, they were fishing for the backlash they faced online when it went viral. This is how things unfolded when a Reddit user shared this on an ‘antiwork’ group.

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Aren’t we already done with dealing with sexist men and people with such a cheap mentality? Seems like this will continue to happen till dusk of time. Thankfully, the internet is here to school such sick people every time they come up with something derogatory about any gender.

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