Men On Reddit Open Up About Instances Where They Faced Sexism

Women are no stranger to sexism and prejudice. Remember the #RippedJeansTwitter trend? While most of us are and have been through this dark lane, we aren’t just the ones being subjected to it.

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Men also face sexism, sometimes for choosing a profession that isn’t ‘manly’ enough and other times for wearing a color like pink that’s supposedly ‘meant only for women’.

Keen on unearthing more such stories, a Reddit user asked men to share when have they faced sexism. And surprisingly, there were scores of reactions to the post.

Men of Reddit, when have you faced sexism? from AskReddit

Here are some of them: *Trigger Warning*

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Sexism at the workplace against men seems common.

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Sexism, molestation, abuse, and torture are somethings that are not restricted to any gender, age, or creed. Yes, we do hear more about women going through them but there are also men who have been fighting these battles.

More power to anyone facing them. Hope good sense prevails.

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