Sex Video Shot In Udaipur Police Station Premises Goes Viral, Cops In Denial

We all have come across weird stuff that has happened to us at the most inopportune times leaving us vulnerable to criticism and embarrassment. But, when you’re in a position of authority, the last thing you need is an unwelcome stain on your reputation. Unfortunately, police officers in Udaipur’s Ghantaghar police station were subjected to such an incident not so long ago.

The reason? A viral video that surfaced on the Internet which shows a couple in a compromising position, i.e having sex, inside the police station premises. The video went viral on Friday and you can imagine the embarrassment of the police officers.

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As reported by Times Of India, they believe that the video could have been shot sometime around Holi, from a building across the road. The police have launched an investigation into the matter.

On being questioned, SP Rajendra Prasad Goyal, of Udaipur police station, initially denied the case saying that there was nothing to investigate. However, he later said that there was access to the terrace of the police station through a temple. He said,

“Such videos on social media lack authenticity. How can one claim with certainty that the terrace seen in the video is of Ghantaghar police station? Secondly, the man and woman in the video are foreigners. Kissing or holding each other is quite common in their culture, so we cannot book them for such act.”

He also claimed that such sights are fairly “common” as the city is a hub of tourists who visit from all over the world. But, he did not outright deny that the video is shot on the premises. He added,

“None of our men are seen in the footage, nor did any policeman shoot the video. In such a situation, how can any action be taken against anyone? The video is not clear… the couple cannot be identified. Someone may have climbed up through the stairs of a temple, situated in the same premises, adjoining the station and landed on the terrace.”

He also clarified that the video was shot in broad daylight. They believe that one of the daily wagers near the temple could be the culprit behind the video. Sources say that there is little doubt about the location of the place even though the police are in denial. They are also conducting an internal investigation and have already interrogated the priest of the temple.

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