This Couple Was Caught Having Sex On A Running Motorcycle On A Busy Highway. WTF!

The content of this article is graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Every day something weird happens around the globe and it beats the weirdness of the earlier weird event! Too many weird’s in a sentence? Well, what I am about to narrate would explain to you that nothing else can replace it! Sure, sex is good. And having it on the bed, day after day might make it dull (well, that’s what this duo thinks). So, this couple from Paraguay decided to spice up their sex life and this is what it lead to.

This is the couple who decided that the bed was too boring for them. Highway? Yeah, that sounds like fun! So, here they are, having sex on a motorbike on a F*****g highway!

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How stupid could the human race get?


The police are busy tracking down this couple. They could levy a fine of 3 million Paraguayan Guarani (about $540 or ₹36,180) if the couple is caught! A fellow motorist filmed the couple and here is the video.

So crazy right? It is not only illegal but it is also deadly. I mean, it is not at all bad to have sex but on the bike, really?

H/T: Elite Daily

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