Loud Sex Noises Interrupted A Live Tennis Match And Everyone Looked Clueless!

You know for a fact that you are having good sex if both of you are moaning so loud that a whole stadium can hear you from across a lake.

No, there is no hyperbole here whatsoever. We have audio evidence in a video that at least one couple on this planet has awesome sex to disturb a whole crowd of people hundreds of meters away!

At the Sarasota Open, Florida, a challenger event, players literally broke into awkward smiles as they heard loud sex noises on the court. The weird part was it did not show any signs of stopping any sooner.

sex noises

The commentator thought that it was a person who was watching porn on his phone in the stands.


But turns out that it was not a phone at all! An actual couple in a house across the lake was having sex so loud that it seemed like the noise was coming from the stands!

One player got so frustrated that he even thwacked a tennis ball towards the stands in apparent anger.

Long story short, good sex, but bad tennis match!