‘2 Minute Chain Se Baith Nahi Sakte’ Mom Scolds Beti For Annoying Her While She Watches TV

I think we all agree that desi moms are the uncontested queens of sass and badassery. Their savage comebacks and humor are especially hilarious. Remember when a mom roasted a Gucci belt worth Rs 35,000?

Well, she’s back again as a new video shows her scolding her putri for disturbing her while she was watching TV. The video clip that was shot by her daughter shows Anita Gupta binge-watching her favourite Indian soap featuring Rupali Ganguly. She’s soon interrupted by her daughter Chabi.

The mum then says, “Kya ho gaya? 2 minute koi chain se baith bhi nahi sakta hai. Hum apna serial dekh rahe hain. Humko serial dekhne do shanti se. (What happened? One cannot sit in peace even for 2 minutes. I’m watching my favourite serial. Let me watch it in peace)”

Chabi promptly responds, “Arrey, mera extention cord ka kaam ho gaya hai. Kahan rakhe?” And as a typical badass reply, her mum says, “Mere sar pe!” In an incorrigibly savage move, Chabi proceeds to comply. Take a look-

People online found the conversation incredibly relatable and flooded the post with comments. Here’s what they had to say about it-

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