Serena ‘Super’ Williams Won A Grand Slam While Pregnant And Twitter Has Hailed Her Queen!

Serena Williams makes awesome announcements! It was only last year, in December, when she had announced her engagement with Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian on Reddit (where else?) along with a sweet poem! (I almost cried)

Now, the ace tennis player has outed another news and fans are in a frenzy (yours truly included). Serena recently took to Snapchat (I hope it’s still legal to say Snapchat in India) and posted a picture with the cutest baby bump of 20 weeks! 

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Although she deleted the story later, Twitter did the maths and concluded that Serena in fact, won the Grand Slam at the Australian Open when she was pregnant. And now the tweets can barely, hardly stop.

1. *slow claps*


2. Let that sink in!




4. You bet he/she is!


5. And rashes!


6. Been there, done that!


7. Weak? What is that?


8. By all means…


9. True that!


10. Undoubtedly


11. Yes, that. 


12. WORD


13. Saw this coming!


14. FYI


15. On another note!

These reactions (and counting) are proof, there is no one like the mighty Serena Williams and neither will ever be! Congratulations, you wonderful, wonderful woman!

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