Is Separate Bathrooms The Key To A Happy Marriage? Listen To What These Celebs Have To Say

Marriages aren’t like mathematical solutions that have a limited number of processes to get a solution. That’s because people with unique opinions and various other societal factors are involved in a marriage.

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However, reports say that there’s one such component that make everyone’s married life a sustainable one: separate bathrooms!

According to Today, separate bathrooms allow couples to have their private moments at their own pace. And that theory was corroborated by a real estate service provider in the US that showed couples preferred houses with more number of bathrooms. Need more convincing? Even Michelle Obama agrees to this notion as she said,

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“One of the keys to a successful marriage is separate bathrooms. When he enters my bathroom sometimes I’m like, ‘Why are you in here?’ And he’s like, ‘I live here, can I enjoy my bathroom too?'”

This sentiment was also echoed by the current first lady of the US, Melania Trump, by saying that “The key to a healthy marriage is having separate bathrooms.

Back in 2014, The Telegraph reported that Sir Michael Caine also had similar thoughts about separate bathrooms being an ingredient of a “really successful marriage”. He said,

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“You start with two bathrooms.You never share a bathroom with your Wife. Otherwise you have a little tiny corner with a razor and a toothbrush in it, and you never get in there.”

When the greatest butler in all the Batman movies is saying that you need separate bathrooms for a successful marriage, it means you need separate bathrooms for a successful marriage. And that’s that.

If that’s not to enough convince you about the importance of separate bathrooms, here’s licensed marriage and family therapist Laura Petiford talking about the topic to Today:

“The bathroom is a space where we attend to highly intimate aspects of ourselves, and a high-risk environment to reveal habits of cleanliness, which can be contentious for couples. On a superficial level, having two bathrooms might allow for maintaining a higher level of romance, keeping a degree of mystery.”

That said, Petiford also thinks that just building two separate bathrooms shouldn’t be your only contribution to a marriage. She added that,

“There are no shortcuts (to maintaining a long, happy relationship). We’re always looking for them: Tell me what the secret is! But the bottom line is that relationships are hard work. Hard work, and a lot of communication — no matter how many bathrooms you have.”

So, long story short, when you’re married, just make sure you love and trust each other, and help one another through thick and thin. But while doing so, just make sure you get to do your daily duties in separate bathrooms.

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