Senior Police Officer Shamelessly Gropes And Molests Female Cop On Duty In Tamil Nadu

The Internet is home to a lot of viral and on-the-verge of going viral stuff. While a few crack us up immediately, making their place in the world of memes, there are things that may seem unreal, nightmarish to be precise.

And unfortunately, this is about the latter.

According to India Today, a disturbing video of a senior police officer groping a female cop on duty is going viral. The incident took place on September 4 at an anti-NEET protest in Coimbatore.


The report states that the senior officer in the picture is the Assistant Commissioner of police while the woman is a deputy Sub Inspector (SI). Security was deputed to man the situation at the protest where students had gathered for 17-year-old Anitha, who took her life after she was unable to get a medical seat.

The video has been subjected to a lot of scrutinies, with people arguing over it being accidental instead of intentional. But the clip has sent shock waves among women activists.


In fact, the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) petitioned the Coimbatore police commissioner, demanding action against the cop, reports Deccan Chronicle


While the woman SI was seen warding off the officer’s hands, she has not yet taken up the issue with the higher chairs.


You can watch the entire video here. 

What turn will the investigation take? Only time will tell. Until then, we can only hope for justice.