Doctors Treat Elderly COVID Patient For Free, So He Gifts Them Rice He Grew In His Field!


A simple thank you would never suffice to show our gratitude towards COVID warriors. For the past 6 months, medical professionals have been working tirelessly and risking their lives to protect us from the virus. And, now with the significant spike in cases, healthcare workers are more worn out
than ever while treating the numerous patients.

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Speaking of which, twitter user Dr. Urvi Shukla MD recently shared how an elderly patient expressed his gratitude towards medical workers who treated him by gifting them rice grown in his own field. According to her post, the senior citizen had recovered from COVID-19 after staying in the ICU for 15 days. The patient had even been kept on a ventilator for 12 days.

However, even though the elderly person’s treatment was done for free, he still wanted to thank the medical team that treated him. That is why he gifted the doctors the rice he grew in his field.

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Many people lauded the elderly man’s kind gesture and expressed gratitude towards the doctors and nurses.

Kudos to the elderly man for his kind and thoughtful gesture. And, a big thank you to all the people working and making our lives easier during these testing times.

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