Self-Taught Pakistani Makeup Artist Is Serving Just The Right Amount Of Glam And Gore

The world is more or less quite a rigid place where everybody is expected to stick to a certain norm, perform a certain way, talk a certain way etc. Basically, we are the prisoners to the world and its rules, no matter how free we think we are. But you know what doesn’t have any rules? Makeup.

Makeup is one of the mediums where artists can express themselves without inhibitions and are lauded for their impeccable talent. Whether it is transforming themselves into different celebrities or a mesmerizing optical illusion, there is no dearth of talent.

Recently, we came across another makeup artist whose skills will blow you away, but the special thing about her is, she is self-taught! Aleena Qaiser from Pakistan loves giving herself amazing makeovers.

She spoke to Mangobaaz about her talent and said,

“I first started off back in the summer of 2015 when I came across some makeup/face paint tutorials. I had zero experience. I never bothered to take arts in school and I stayed away from makeup. You would probably laugh if you saw my first attempt at a winged eyeliner!” 

The flashbacks of my days struggling with the winged eyeliner are coming back to me.

“What I love about makeup is that it has no rules. You can use blush as eyeshadow or lipstick as a bruise mark. You can literally change all your features and create illusions and no one can guess it’s you.”

And she’s right! Take a look at her art and you will know why I am raving about her so much! Also, fair warning, she might give you the hibbie-jibbies.

1. Woah!

2. Umm… conjuring 3?

3. When somebody finds you extremely cute!

4. This Red Riding Hood is pretty badass.

5. ‘Dark Knight’ vibes.

6. I am genuinely creeped out by that.

7. Dulhan ka badla!

8. Serving some comic book realness.

9. Has anybody seen FRANCIS?

10. The scariest nurse ever!

11. When somebody tells you, “I have a secret but you can’t tell anyone.”

12. ‘Darna Zaroori Hai‘ coming back guys!

13. Why so serious, son?

14. BRB, getting my eyes checked.

15. We are all mad here.

16. Carrrrlllll!

17. Oh, deer!

18. You talkin’ ’bout me?

19. The Mummy returns!

It took me an entire army to learn winged liner while she is self-taught! Itna talent tum laate kaha se ho?

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