9 Self-Defense Weapons Indian Women Can Carry Around To Ward Off Creeps

Blame it on no education, poor family upbringing, or a combination of desi daaru & no control over one’s desperation to get some. No matter what the reason be, the act of shame done on Indian roads can never be justified. They think cat-calling and getting the radio on every time a woman passes by will calm their anxious genitals.

But dear women, I think we all should come to terms with the fact that considering the many assault cases flooding in from every corner of the country, it will take an eternity for their mindsets to become spotless. So meanwhile, it only makes sense to get ourselves geared up to give it to them every time they introduce our body parts to what they call is their “innocent touch.”

And by gearing up I mean, keeping ourselves equipped with some utterly important, but non-lethal self-defense weapons. These will surely give them a clear-cut and yeah, a painful sign that it is not so easy to get the shame game on anymore.

1. Cold Steel Honeycomb Hairbrush Dagger – This one will remind you of the weapon Vidya Balan used in the movie ‘Kahaani’ to stab the villain

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I personally love this one. This hairbrush is dual functional. It gives your hair the desired neat look, and it also acts like a sheath for the extremely effective dagger that it encloses within. Now isn’t this the most desirable combination ever? The totally docile looking hairbrush when pulled off, reveals a 3 1/2″ dagger. So if there is an attacker around, all you need to do is make a quick movement, pull the part out through the hairbrush sheath, and stab.

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2. Ninja Spike Keychain (Kubotan)- Intimidating as hell!

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The spike comes as an attachment form for your regular keychain. And all you need to do to get this weapon functional is to grip it in the form of a fist. It looks so darn intimidating that just a mere look of the spike on your fist will get your probable attacker imagining the worst and turn ways. And even if he dares to get close, a single punch from the spike can leave him with a grave scar acting as a permanent reminder of the time he messed with you.

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3. Pepper spray, MACE- The best brothers to all Indian women

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The spray comes in so many forms that you would not believe. It comes disguised as keychains, pens, fancy lipsticks, and what not! Also, the demand of the spray in India has been seeing skies since the Delhi’s December 16 gang-rape incident.

Just one burst of spray directed at his eyes is enough to get him to tremble with stinging temporary blindness. It is a temporary action, but definitely painful enough to teach him a lifetime lesson.

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4. The folding knives that can be disguised as lockets- Make your beauty a killer one

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So portable and convenient, all you have to do is unfold it when the undesirable moment arises. The ones disguised as lockets are really tiny but definitely damaging to the dark intentions of the attackers. Even a single sharp cut can give them excruciating pain and, you ample time to make a quick escape.

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5. Paracord Monkey ball- A knot of sheer pain!

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Commonly known as monkey fist knot, it has been around since 1800s. It can be anything from a trendy keychain to a fun toy. But hey, it is not just a benign toy. It is also a danger ball for the attackers. Give it a swing and you will realize how painful it can be if it hits him. Wondering how a mere knot can be painful? Well, this one has a steel ball obscured under the elaborate knot. So if you give it a free swing over your attacker, he is sure to experience some stars and birds circulating around his head. Best part, you can make these yourself!

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6. Stun guns- A sure-shot shocking agent

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Almost the size of a mobile phone, with just a press of a button, stun guns can give the attackers the shock of their lives. Just as the pepper sprays, the demand for stun guns has also seen a rapid increase, especially in Delhi. Moreover, some of these come in the most deceiving forms. For example, I came across one in the form of a mobile phone resembling the good old, Nokia’s N73! This particular one has a feature of a double switch mechanism, which prevents the occurrence of accidental shocks. And yes, there is also one in the form of a hair trimmer!

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7. Expandable batons- They will hit, just the way you want them to

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These are sure to take your attacker by shock, and quite literally if the type that you are using is, in fact, a baton with a stun button. Use it to jab, strike, or to aim at arm locks. Or maybe, target his sensitive parts?

Plus, they are extremely easy to operate. All you have to do is unleash the baton with a shake of your wrist, and in order to close it, simply slam the baton on some hard surface. For this or any other non-lethal weapons for that matter, follow the instructions carefully.

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8. SHE- The anti-rape underwear designed by Indian college students

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Dubbed Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE), this particular one is designed by a trio of Indian students. It is equipped with a GPS system, pressure sensors, and a little powerhouse device that bears a potential of delivering 3,800 kV of electric shocks. This super smart and thoughtful invention was conceived by Manisha Mohan, Rimpi Tripathi and Neeladri Basu Pal of SRM University of Chennai.

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9. Rape Axe- Condom with teeth on it! – Sadly, it is only available in South Africa for now. Indian Government, are you listening?

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This female condom has jagged teeth on it and, should an attacker try to force sex on you, his thing will get chewed on! This one is so dangerous that it not only bites but also digs deep into the skin. What’s more, it cannot be removed until and unless medical intervention is made. This is definitely the most ouch thing that can happen to a potential rapist!

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These weapons are probably the best ways in which women can safeguard themselves. But, these are not the only ones. Attending self-defense classes and learning martial arts are equally vital techniques. But nothing is as vital as it is for the government and every Indian citizen to hold women safety in high regard. 

Note: These weapons are put on the list considering that they are all non-lethal. And as for the knives/daggers, any with length less than 5 inches is supposedly considered legal in the country.

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