Zaheer’s Witty Reply To Sehwag’s ‘Chak De’ Inspired Tweet Is As Good As His Swing Bowling!

After leaving the cricket field as an explosive player, Virender Sehwag is hitting sixes on Twitter. Just a few days ago, he left Twitter ROFLing by comparing husbands to ACs and that’s not just it. There is a long list of Twitter zingers by him that can give you a laugh better than many Indian ‘so-called sitcoms’.

As former Indian speedster, Zaheer Khan announced his engagement to actress Sagarika Ghatge on Twitter, congratulatory messages started floating that even led to a hilarious goof-up by Anil Kumble. But as always, Sehwag’s tweet took the cake.

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Just for a recap, here’s how Zaheer made the announcement.


Tweeting in his own style, Virender Sehwag brought a ‘Chak De! India’ reference while congratulating the couple.


Zaheer tried turning the table with a witty reply.


But at the end, it was Sehwag who came up in the tweet game, as he always does.

Waah Viru paji, tussi ta once again chha gaye! 🙂

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