Watch Sehwag Sing A Kishore Kumar Song While Batting In All-Stars Match. What A Man!

Sehwag has a reputation of being one of those few cricketers who wouldn’t give a damn about the circumstances, outcomes, risks or stress.

In this video captured during the All-Stars Match 2, Viru is seen humming to a Kishore Kumar classic viz. “Chala Jaata Hoon Kisi Ke Dhoon Mein” while facing a delivery from Ajit Agarkar.

Here’s the exact moment (click to turn on audio)

[cjtoolbox name=’Sehwag humming vine’ ] [/cjtoolbox]

What a delight to witness the playful side of Sehwag!


Here’s a longer version where he gets out

[cjtoolbox name=’Sehwag Humming’ ] [/cjtoolbox]

Ironically he got out the very next ball. Did Sehwag see it coming?

“Chala Jaata hoon…” towards pavilion.

All in good humour. #Respect to the Nawab of Najafgarh.