Sehwag’s Crazy B-day Wish For Shikhar Dhawan Is That One Friend Who Always Pulls Your Leg!

We all have that one friend who just can’t seem to take life seriously. Putting a hilarious twist on every situation they are usually in their comfort zone when everyone is rolling on the floor laughing!

We all know who that person is among our favourite men in blue!

It was Shikhar Dhawan’s birthday on the 5th of December and the opening batsman turned a ripe age of 32. Wishes poured in from all over for the man and Dhawan even thanked everyone for the warmth he received.

Thank you everyone for your warm wishes🤗🤗

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How adorable is this video? Cute kids and cakes= ovaries bursting in 3…2…1…

However, it was that one birthday wish that stood out to me among all because you know, I always prefer humour over all else (hasee toh phasee, as they say)! King of wit aka Virender Sehwag wished Dhawan on Twitter and the internet laughed along!

I think the doppelganger does look like Dhawan. Okay.. kind of does! (Also, those fashion choices though!)

The left-handed batsman thanked his “bhaiya” and appreciated the photo Sehwag shared. We are right there with you, Dhawan!

And if you’re a cricket buff (or just a nosy person in general), fret not we’ve got all the entail on everyone else who wished the sportsman too.

1. God of cricket himself sent love to Dhawan!

2. YAS Dhawan!

3. Brother on the field and off it!

4. *fist bump*

5. Are they trying to take a selfie?

6. That pun though!

7. Aww-dorable!

A very belated happy birthday, Shikhar Dhawan! We wish you more success and centuries to come!

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