This Woman Tries To Seduce Strangers And Their Reactions Will Make You Cringe-Laugh!

Have you ever tried consciously seducing someone? It’s not like it looks in movies. There are so many fail moments and a million things that just don’t work out that way. And this is when you’re trying it on a boyfriend/girlfriend, imagine trying to seduce a stranger.

That’s exactly what the girl in Love Rudrakash‘s video tried doing. First of all, it’s a prank, before the hate comments start rolling in. And a really well executed one. I watched the whole video through the gap between my fingers, because I felt embarrassed for Rudraksh and Aishwarya, the pranksters. But it was so goddamn funny. The reactions will really make your day, especially the last guy.

Now I know what not to do, to strangers anyway. 

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