Pakistani Couple Pose With A Sedated Lion Cub For Their Wedding Shoot, Face Backlash

It is heartbreaking to see animals being kept captive, away from their natural habitat. From a Turkish cafe housing a live lion in a glass cage to Assam smugglers caught trying to transport animals like kangaroos, the issue of protecting wild animals is brought out front every now and then.

As per a report in Times Now, a couple from Lahore, Pakistan recently faced heavy criticism after they apparently used a sedated lion cub as a ‘prop’ for their wedding photoshoot. The couple can be seen posing for the camera while the cub lies sleepily on the floor.

The visuals were met with criticism from animal rights organizations alongside public outcry. Pakistan’s non-profit organization ‘Save The Wild’ tweeted a short video of the said photoshoot in a Lahore studio where the lion cub was sheltered in the studio itself and rented out for such ceremonies.

Reportedly, this video was shot in Studio Afzal, and they shared the clip on their Instagram stories with the hashtag #SherDiRani (Lion queen). They have now removed the visuals from their page after it backfired. Here are some of the reactions to the incident:

JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter are now considered taking legal action against the studio. As per a report in The Independent, the founder of JFK, Zulfishan Anushay said, “The studio’s management told us that the lion cub was brought [to the studio] by a friend of theirs that owned it, and according to them it was a plain coincidence that the couple was also present, so they decided to take a few pictures with the lion cub.”

Such cases of animal cruelty are extremely concerning. What do you think? Tell us!

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