Girl’s Twitter Thread After Taking The Delhi Metro Will Give You The Fright Of Your Life!


Women safety is probably the most debated topic in India. Yes, discussions that happen every time a daughter/sister/wife/mother is groped/abused/molested/raped. While the categories I mentioned are not exhaustive, my collective conscience has run of out of words. I mean, with the kind of instances we get to read and see (group films themselves molesting women in UP), whose vocabulary wouldn’t?

If you’re finding it hard to believe, let me explain it to you with an alarming example.

 Megha, a Twitter user, recently took a metro ride in Delhi and her ordeal sheds light at the scary scenario of security at the Metro stations. She took Twitter to share the same. Find the entire thread here.  

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1. It began with…


2. *enters creep*


3.But until…


4. None whatsoever!


5. Here comes the test!

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6. This is the sorry state of our society!


7. ‘The audacity!’


8. THIS is where we stand today.


9. Anger doesn’t even cut it!

Ladies, I have only one thing to say to you- protect yourself, cause no one will! Unless it is daddy dearest, like in the case of Megha!

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