Delhi Guard Accidentally Shoots & Kills 20 Year-Old Robber Armed With Chilli Powder!

In a shocking incident in South Delhi, a security guard claimed to have “accidentally” shot a robber who tried stealing a bag filled with 14 lakh INR cash from a cash-van.

According to sources, 40-year old Arun Shukla, who works as a security guard, along with two others, the driver and the cashier, collected the cash from Badarpur toll plaza and were headed towards Vasant Kunj.

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Shukla and the driver were seated in the front, with the cashier at the back, when the cash-van got stuck in traffic near Pul Prahladpur police station.

“Suddenly, one man opened the rear door of our vehicle and crawled through to reach the bag that I had kept between my legs. When I tried to take him on, he tried to strangulate me so that I may loosen my grip on the bag,” the cashier told sources.

Shukla was carrying a loaded double-barrel gun and rushed towards the robber, who was carrying chilli powder, with the intention to stop him.

“I held his neck in my grip and we got into a scuffle. Suddenly I heard a loud sound. My gun had gone off accidentally. The man fell out of the vehicle,” Shukla said.

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Fearing there were other robbers coming to attack them, Shukla asked the driver to flee the spot. After reaching a safe distance, they called the police and narrated the incident.

“I was merely trying to prevent him from robbing the cash. I did not want to kill any person,” Shukla said.

The police took the injured robber to a nearby hospital but he was declared dead on arrival. The robber seemed to be in his early 20’s. The police are now trying to identify him and further interrogations are ongoing.

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It’s sad how a mere 20-year old would feel the need for stealing such a huge amount of money and lose his life in the process!