Man Uncovers Secret Behind Golden-edged Book Pages, Twitter Can’t Believe Its Eyes

Books have the capability to transport the human mind to a faraway land and uncover its secrets one page at a time. Other ancient books have been known to hide secret manuscripts, cryptic messages and even directions to the elusive ‘Ark of the Covenant’ within its covers. However, one Twitter user has unraveled another mystery about books that’s been hiding in plain sight.

Twitter user Chris put up a video with one of those books whose edges look golden. And once he held them at an angle, the internet collectively gasped to know that that wasn’t just for show.

I think we’ve seen books like these with golden edges dozens of times in various book shops around the world. But none of us stopped to think why. The art of painting the edges of pages is known as fore-edge painting and at present, it’s considered a critically endangered craft.

Netizens were surprised by this reveal and immediately wanted to buy books with artwork such as this.

1. Amen to that!

2. The good kind?

3. Very carefully.

4. The only kind of boner that’s permissible in public.

5. *puts on a brown hat, jacket and a whip* Let’s find out.

6. #FinishTheTrilogy

7. Yes, yes and yes!

8. It won’t be as good.

9. Appropriate reaction.

While most of the internet were coming to terms with the fact that this was real, a rare few shared their knowledge about fore-edge painting.

1. Say what now?

2. Pretty cool? That’s frigging awesome!

3. Perks of being a medievalist.

Owning a piece of painting serves nothing more than being a showpiece in your house. However, this is like a two-in-one offer. You get to read a book and in your past time, you get to admire a badass painting. So, go on and build your collection of fore-edge paintings.

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