This Man Created A Polygamy Website To Find A ‘Second Wife’ And It Already Has 35,000 Users!

The much controversial marital jurisprudence in Islam is that to allow a Muslim man to practice polygamy but most countries in the world don’t entertain such practice no matter how string the Muslim population in the country is. One of the nations that could be regarded as the epitome of modern constitution, which includes gender equality, is Britain but it seems like the Brits want to follow the Islamic footsteps as far as marriage is concerned.

Azad Chaiwala, a Muslim entrepreneur has developed a dating website for people to find a second wife and already 35,000 Britons have signed up with it!

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Britain does not approve of bigamy and it is punishable by almost seven years of imprisonment. However, Mr. Chaiwala doesn’t really see anything wrong with his website for he is of the belief that he’s actually promoting fidelity.


He also believes that with the growth of his website, which is called, he can actually help women with their loneliness.

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Don’t get him wrong because the 33-year-old businessman who is also the brains behind, is all about maintaining old school values in his website, of course, according to him. Also, he makes sure that there are no cleavages shown in the website and he must be given credit for such consideration.


Not sure how the website will work in countries that have evolved beyond theocratic justifications of polygamy but it surely will find it’s audience in countries where the practice is still prevalent.

News Source: Mail Online

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