Now That Season 7 Of Game of Thrones Is Over, Here’s What You Can Expect From Season 8


Disclaimer: The post is dark and full of theories and spoilers, believe carefully.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones was one helluva ride. With layered meanings, crisscrossing plotlines and a lot of information, the seventh edition is making the Winds of Winter blow in the right direction. We have seen horrible things up North and the continent of Westeros is coming together to fight the dead.

So, the anticipation for the eighth seasonis killing is us. Amid that, we came across a video which allegedly has the leaked text version of Game of Thrones season 8 episode 1 and 2.

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Was it a part of the HBO script leak? We can’t confirm. How authentic is it? We can’t vouch for that. But, oddly so, whatever we just read makes sense. Have a look!

We are not going to put the whole script here, but what we have read so far is that Tormund survives the Eastwatch attack somehow, Jon and Dany reach Winterfell and Sansa is insecure of Daenerys.


Arya and Hound reunion happens, Lyanna Mormont sasses Dany, Red Lady (Melisandre) meets Red Lady (Kinvara), Jon will learn about his parentage after Bran and Sam tell him, and a lot more. 



About episode 2, it is said the Wall is breached and the army is marching towards Winterfell, Jaime joins forces with House Tully, the Faceless man returns, Daenerys is pregnant and Bran wargs into one of the dragons.

We simply don’t know how much faith are we supposed to put into these leaks. The fact that these scripts have details that seem to be a continuation of the events that happened in the season 7, even before the episodes aired is the reason we can put some of our faith in them. But, for now, we are treating it as a fan prediction and we have so many questions. :O

Image courtesy: HBO

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