Screenwriter Pays Emotional Tribute To Late Actor Nitesh Pandey, Says ‘He Was Everyman’

The TV and film industry got the biggest shock after the news of the tragic demise of a talented artist, Nitesh Pandey, made headlines.

Reports suggested that the 51-year-old actor left for his heavenly abode after he suffered a cardiac arrest in Igatpuri, Maharashtra.

On watching this face, you would definitely wonder, ‘Inko konsi movie me dekha hai?’ Well, even though he wasn’t a main character in many of the films he worked in, the characters he played were very important and left a mark in the minds of the viewers.

Be it playing Anwar Sheikh in ‘Om Shanti Om’ or playing Mani in ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’, portraying Prem Singh in ‘Badhaai Do’ or acting as Dheeraj Kapoor in the popular TV serial ‘Anupamaa’, the characters Nitesh Pandey portrayed had something to remember him by.


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Screenwriter Abhishek Chatterjee also believes that he was an actor par excellence who, like a chameleon, got seamlessly into his characters and made them iconic.

Through an insightful Twitter thread, Chatterjee shared how talented he was.

Chatterjee divulged that the way he used to deliver his lines made people believe whatever he said.

He was ‘Everyman’ who was seen in every film but it was difficult to point out which one.

The way he supported his queer daughter in the film ‘Badhai Do’ convinced everyone that he could be the man who could easily accept his daughter for who she was.

Nitesh was indeed a gem of an actor.

Losing anyone itself is heartbreaking but when such talented artists leave us so suddenly, it creates a void that hardly anyone can fill.

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