No Shopkeeper, No CCTV! This Chandigarh School Shop Runs On The Students’ Honesty

In Japan, a 3-year-old dog named Ken-Kun runs a roasted sweet potato stall on his own. Customers pick up the wrapped food and pay the amount indicated on the signboard by leaving the exact change on the counter. But, can such a shop operating on the honesty policy work in India as well? Yes, it can!

A school in Chandigarh (Government Model Senior Secondary School, Dhanas) is showing everyone how by opening a stationery shop on its premises. It has no shopkeeper or CCTV camera, just a signboard that reads¬†“Serve Yourself, Pay Honestly”.

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According to Zee News, the shop has school supplies like notebooks, pens, pencils etc at affordable rates and the prices are duly marked on each item. A piggy bank has been placed for students to deposit money after picking up required items.

The school Principal Seema Rani reveals that 3000 students study in the school. In the two months of the shop’s operation, no student has failed to deposit money for supplies taken. Sometimes, if they are short of funds, they bring the amount the next day and deposit it.

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DNA India quoted the school’s canteen owner Sanjay Kumar saying,

“Many a time, if I leave the canteen open for some work and go outside, then the children come there and take what they need and leave its fair price on the counter.”

This wonderful initiative is being applauded by parents who have observed a marked change in the behaviour of their children. They say that now they’re more honest and practical when it comes to money.

Thank you, Government Model Senior Secondary School, for leading by example.

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