School Kids Ace Somersaults In Viral Video! Twitter Says, “Koi Inko Olympics Bhejo”

The internet can be a strange place and there’s no saying what may go viral next. Remember the guy who shot his birthday cake instead of cutting it or the ‘JCB Ka Nagin’ dance? While these are sure to make you cringe and think you’ve seen enough already, then you are in for a treat!

Believe us!

This viral video shows two school-going kids in uniform flaunting their gymnastic skills. A boy first does a perfect somersault, he is then followed by a girl who lands neatly on her feet after doing a double somersault. Not only do the kids casually ace somersaults in their uniform, but they also sport heavy school bags as they leap through the air!

See for yourself:

People have aggressively shared the video on social media and urged the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports to take notice of these wonder kids who can be a great asset for India in the Olympics.

Ours is a country brimming with talent, all we need to do is support these hidden gems to make India the country of world champions.