High School Boys Wear Off Shoulder Tops After Sexist School Punishes 20 Girls For Wearing Them

The women in the world have come a long way through. From fighting for basic rights to now trying to shun the stereotypes, it has been one big rebellion for women. And it still is. This case just gives out another example of the everyday sexism women face. The important lesson to draw from this one is how the ‘men’ in the picture should support women. Here is what happened:

On the very first day of the San Benito High School, California, 20 girls were sent home for not adhering to the school’s code of conduct and wearing off shoulder tops.

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The school apparently has issues with girls wearing ‘revealing’ clothes because they wanted to ‘keep the kids safe.’ However, this was not taken well by most of the kids and considered as sheer sexism.


In the wake of this unjust decision, a group of guys decided to come to school the next day wearing similar off shoulder tops as a sign of protest. Their pictures have been breaking the Internet! Check these for proof:

1. Killing it completely!

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2. Slaying it through!

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3. Swag is the word for this one!

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How cute was that now? The pictures of the guys went viral as soon as they pulled off the cool stunt.


The pictures were tweeted by one of the girls studying in the school with a big thank you to all of them.


And sure, the brave efforts of the guys paid off well. The school principal, Adrian Ramirez, has now decided to have a positive dialogue with the students regarding the dress code. In a statement he gave to Yahoo, this is what he said,

“It’s been a really good process for me as principal to sit down and hear where issues arose.”

The school also issued a statement talking about organising a student committee, through which the whole dress code issue can be addressed.

Now, that was some cool way to deal with a problem, right?

But on a serious note, we completely respect and appreciate the spirit and support the guys of San Benito High School showed towards the unfair rule. The idea was not only creative but also a zipper for everyone trying to propagate sexism. The exemplary guys rested the whole case with a simple message: No, you need not be a woman to support women!