Man Claims That He’s Living With A Ghost Of A Dead Boy And His Story Is REALLY Convincing

Sleep- The period when we can take a break from all the worries of the world, the period when we forget all our anxieties, the period that shuts us from our strenuous schedules, the period that promises nothing but only the luxury of relaxation and calmness. But ever wondered what would happen if this definition of calmness starts haunting you? If there is someone in your fantasy land you don’t want to see but are recurrently forced to? If there is someone creepily stalking you in your dreams? Spooked up, right? This is the reality Adam Ellis has been living with!

Adam Ellis, a 30-year-old New Yorker, has been having some really spooky nightmares since a couple of months. The man claims to be living in an apartment with the ghost of a dead boy.

He shared his eerie story through this goosebump generating twitter thread.

1. How it started.


2. Wait, what?


3. *imagines it for 5 seconds* *freaks out* *imagines again*


4. *gets a blanket to cover the face*


5. Freaked out already?


6. Thank you, for clarifying that!


7. *screams in unison with Adam*


8. The twist in the tale


9. I think I will soon have to remove, the ‘dear’ before David!


10. What if we ask the third one?


11. Danger at three


12. Let the quizzing begin.


13. *gets popcorn*


14. Woah!


15. SMH!


16. Duh!


17. Right move, Adam!


18. Who is this David then?


19. Finally a relief.


20. Happy ending?


21. Or not?


22. Cats are curious but correct!


23. Not again!


24. David, are you there?


25. *feels the hair-raising on my hand*


26. Some sort of sign?


27. Disclaimer: Not for the faint hearted

While you may or may not believe in ghosts, you can’t deny that the thread was indeed engaging and kept you on the edge of your seat throughout. Maybe, now every night while you await sleep, you might also await a tweet from Adam! Just kidding, no need to get psyched out!

We hope ‘DEAR’ reader, you have a good night!

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