11 Scary Superstitions About Death That Won’t Let You Sleep At Night

Death is an inevitable part of our lives. No matter what you do but there is no escaping it. Yet, it is somehow the thing we all fear. Whatever may be the reason, death has led to a number of eerie superstition.

Here are some of the most common and eerie superstitions that are associated with death.

1. The Rule of three

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It is believed that death hunts three at a time. So if you receive news of the death of a loved one, soon you might hear the news of two more people passing away. Interestingly, this weird superstition is popular in most of the countries of the world.


2. The third matchstick light superstition

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This is an extremely weird superstition that probably became popular after the two Great Wars. According to this superstition, three people should not light their cigarettes with one match. Apparently, the third person to light the cigarette with the match stick would soon die.


3. Birds and Death

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If you have watched Alfred Hitchcock’s films then you know how scary birds are. In many cultures, birds like owls and crows are seen as a symbol of death. An owl hooting right over your head at night means death is around the corner.

Just like owls, crows too are connected with death. It is said that witnessing six crows often means that death is nearby.


4. The butterfly of death superstition

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The Mexican Black Witch Moth is also known as the butterfly of death. This moth’s association with death dates back to the Aztecs. The South American people believe that if this moth is sighted in someone’s house then, either a recently deceased person has come to meet a loved one or someone who is ill is about to die.


5. Souls in the hair

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After hearing this strange Mongolian ritual, you would think twice before chopping off your hairs. According to this superstition, souls that are wandering around often latch on to other people’s hair and start residing there. Many people, therefore, consult a witch doctor before getting a hair cut, to check if there is any soul in their hairs. If you cut your hair while a soul is residing there, then you would soon die.


6. Middle Person in a Photo superstition

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The camera has been one of the few electronic devices which has become a part of many strange superstitions and beliefs. While some believe that cameras can become haunted and can steal one’s souls, there are other who believe that the middle person in a photo is likely to die before the other two persons. This superstition is quite popular in Japan.


7. Empty space in a fresh baked bread superstition

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This superstition is quite popular in England. In England, people believe that if you cut a fresh baked bread and find an empty space inside it, then it symbolizes that death is coming for somebody at the table. The hollow space is believed to a symbolic representation of a coffin.


8. Tuck your thumbs in, if you pass a graveyard superstition

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Like many other, this one too is quite popular in Japan. In Japanese thumbs translates into the “parent finger”. When the Japanese people pass a graveyard they tuck or hide their thumb as it protects them from death.

There is another superstition, which tells of holding your breath while passing a graveyard. If you do not do so a wandering soul might enter your body.


9. The Cedar tree superstition

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Many communities associate cedar tree with death. According to some people, one should never try to transplant a young cedar tree to a different location. If you do so then you are inviting death. Once the young tree’s limbs grow to the length of your coffin, your death is inevitable.


10. Burning a Cake on Christmas superstition

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Bread and cakes seem to have a weird connection with the death. Burning a cake on Christmas is considered to be a very bad omen. The death comes looking for the person who burns the cake. Now I guess you would give second thoughts on baking a cake this Christmas.


11. The Penis superstition

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This is one of the weirdest superstitions, you have ever heard of. According to this Turkish superstition, if a woman dreams of a penis then a close male member might soon die. No one knows how this absurd superstition came into existence.

These superstitions prove how ridiculous we are when it comes to death. It is high time that we stop believing these stupid superstitions and accept death whenever it comes.

Disclaimer: We neither advocate nor support any of these superstitions. This article should be read for entertainment purpose only.

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