Corporate Employee Finally Denies Working On Holidays After 5 Years, Twitter Lauds Him

Most of us have been caught in a situation where we were forced to sit in front of the screen and unwillingly work on an urgent office assignment while everyone around enjoyed a holiday.

Not everyone knows the subtle art of saying ‘no’ to work on a holiday. Hence, we often find ourselves cribbing and agitated.

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This is precisely what has been happening to this guy for years. Since he wasn’t able to say no to work on holidays, he would find himself missing out on the fun and merriment that festivals bring with them. But, this time around, he decided to put his foot down and politely refused any office work.

Taking to Twitter, Raghu shared a screengrab of his WhatsApp conversation with his colleague who wanted him to work on Ugadi and it was a holiday.

The person on the other side tried to persuade Raghu to log in at least for an hour as the client needed something urgent. But without offending the person, Raghu said that he would work on the client’s needs first thing the next day.

Sharing the screenshot, Raghu said that it took him five years to say ‘No’ to working on a holiday.

“Don’t be like me. Stand up earlier.”

People online lauded him for taking the stand. Some even suggested that he should stop using WhatsApp as a mode of communication for work.

That’s something all of us should learn to do. What say?

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