16 Works Of Art On The Destruction Of Earth That Will Hit You Hard

The days are getting hotter. Water is getting scarcer. Animals are getting extinct, one species after another. Oh, and humans? They are still the same narcissistic, self-absorbed, greedy creatures, scanning their surroundings to use what will benefit them, oblivious to what is disintegrating right before their very eyes.

These images will make you realize that every step taken towards the progress of humanity is a step backward for Mother Earth. The need of the moment is not to build more cities and design new snake-skin handbags, but to pay attention to the not-so-subtle signs of the earth saying goodbye, right under our very noses.

 1. The earth is going down the drain… literally.

Image source


 2. Piece of…cake?

Image source


3. Nowhere to go

Image source


4. One tree can provide for quite a few breaths

Image source


 5. There is no time.

Image source


6. A part of life for you, death for them.

Image source


7. Air pollution kills.

Image source


8. Food? Animal?Or just another thing that is cooked?

Image source


9. “Fishing”

Image source


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10. Murder.

Image source


11. The last of its abode.

Image source


12. Sucking out earth’s energy. Literally.

Image source


13. Hacked to death.

Image source


14. This image needs no explanation.

Image source


15. Tick. Tock.

Image source


16. Building a home. One animal at a time.

Image source

“The earth is not dying, it is being killed. And the people who are killing it have names and addresses.” ~ Utah Philips

Wake up and do your bit to save the earth before it is too late.

The “wait and see” approach may seem easy right now, but by the time its full impact sets in, it will be too late.

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