Actor Satish Shah Faces Racism At London’s Heathrow Airport, Gets Lauded For His Savage Reply

We’re not alien to racism but in the 21st century, we would think that society has overgrown these prejudiced and derogatory concepts. But, it’s getting worse day by day and no space is immune to racist people.

Earlier, ‘Badhaai Do’ actor Chum Darang spoke about facing racism on the day of her audition. A Lucknow politician also called Indian child environmental activist Licypriya Kangujam a ‘foreigner’.

Now, it’s veteran actor Satish Shah who was subjected to racism by the staff at Heathrow Airport in London.

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Taking to Twitter, the ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’ actor shared an incident that got everyone talking about the racism Indians are subjected to in foreign countries. The actor claimed that at the airport he heard a couple of airport officials demeaning him by saying that how could ‘they’ (referring to Indians) afford first class.

But the proud Indian that Shah is, he responded to them with a proud smile and said ‘because we are Indians’. He tweeted:

“I replied with a proud smile ‘because we are Indians’ after I overheard the Heathrow staff wonderingly asking his mate” how can they afford 1st class?”

What a sixer he hit! People lauded him for giving the racist people an answer they deserved.

After his tweet went viral, Heathrow Airport quickly came to apologize to him and assist in the matter.

It’s so disappointing that such incidences still take place across the globe. May good sense prevail.

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