This Hyderabad Engineer Produces Fuel From Plastic & He’s Selling It At ₹40 Per Liter!

You know it. Plastics are bad for the environment. Yet, do we consciously care to reduce their usage and declutter the ecosystem?

Thanks to social media, everyone in the world knows how plastics are clogging our environment and becoming a greater threat day by day. Chennai government has also put it on their agenda by fining people using plastic bags. But since there is more plastic in the sea than there are fish, we still have a long way to go.

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Doing his part in eliminating plastics from the environment is this Hyderabad based engineer who came up with a brilliant idea of making petrol out of used plastics.

Professor Satish Kumar, a 45-year-old mechanical engineer founded a company that is able to convert plastics into fuel through a three-step process known as plastic pyrolysis.

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Talking to News18, Satish says, “The process helps recycle plastic into diesel, aviation fuel and petrol. About 500-kg of non-recyclable plastic can produce 400 litres of fuel. It is a simple process which requires no water and doesn’t release wastewater. Neither does it pollute the air as the process happens in a vacuum.”

With a sole objective to weed out single-use plastics from the environment, Satish came up with this company.

“Our main aim behind starting this plant is to help the environment. We are not expecting commercial benefits. We are only trying to do our bit to ensure a cleaner future. We are ready to share our technology with any interested entrepreneur,” he said.

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According to reports, since 2016, Satish has converted 50 tonnes of ‘end-life’ plastic (that cannot be recycled) into fuel. At present, his company is producing 200 litres of petrol on a daily basis out of 200kg of plastic and selling the same to local industries for Rs 40/50 per litre. The usability of this fuel for vehicles is yet to be tested.

Currently, mountains of plastic are accumulating on the earth’s surface. Also, our increasing dependence on fossil fuels is a major problem. If Satish’s experiments bear fruit, we will be able to tackle both these problems soon.

More power to you Satish!