Chinese Space Station Is Falling To Earth And The Latest Pics Are A Little Worrying

Planet Earth may be in quite a bit of a soup because something from outer space is approaching us and no, it’s not an asteroid but something man-made which has come to bite us in the butt. Yes, as they say, ‘Karma is a bitch’ and the human race may bear the brunt of the same because China’s Tiangong-1 space station is approaching the Earth.

The satellite is also known as “Celestial Palace” weighs eight-tonnes and lost touch with its engineers in China. It will plunge through the atmosphere without any guidance or control. However, the scary thing as reported by The Independent is that nobody knows when it is going to land or where.

Pictures of the satellite have surfaced online, put together by Fraunhofer Research Institute, who is monitoring the satellite using a complex radar and technologies.

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While scientists say that it is highly unlikely that it might drop into your backyard, but they have estimated the drop some time to be around 31st March to 1st April. It can also stretch up to 2nd April as the prediction is “highly variable”.

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The European Space Agency is now updating every minute of the satellite drop. However, according to The Guardian, the impact will most likely be not felt, a crash site is virtually impossible to predict since it was orbiting the Earth at 27,000 km/h.

It is extremely difficult to be reassured of the entry, the impact as well as the repercussions of the satellite entering the atmosphere at such a great speed. But, we can do little except say ‘Aal Iz Well’.

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