11 Reasons Why Sarcasm Should Officially Be A Language

They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Is it really? Sarcasm has given us the will to survive in certain situations in which no words are enough to express your emotions. So what do you do? Why, say something sarcastic instead.

Here are a few reasons why sarcasm should officially be declares THE BEST language in the world. After all, be it French, Hindi or Swahili- the way a tinge of sarcasm shapes your words is the same!

1. It helps you handle stupid people… without beating the crap out of them

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2. It’s a life saver on bad days

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3. You can speak the truth, but blame it on sarcasm if people get offended

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4. You don’t have to bother being Mr or Miss Goody two-Shoes while talking

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5. It helps you to answer awkward questions without fleeing the country

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6. Sarcasm is an art

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7. Sarcasm: the ability to insult idiots without them realizing it

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8. Everyone from Oscar Wilde and William Shakespeare to Chandler Bing and Dr Gregory House use it

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9. It doesn’t necessarily hurt the recipient but utterly satisfies the one delivering it

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10. It helps you pretend to care about “stuff”

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11. Let’s face it- a perfect sarcastic reply makes you feel complete inside

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I am not always rude and sarcastic. Sometimes I am asleep.

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